Beat the Delhi heat


Things to identify your city’s climate is hot (or not)

Your preferred morning tea comes with ice cubes
You start sweating at weird places like the surface of your hands
All the physical exercises (if any) or household work (if any) is done between 5 and 7 in the morning
Your T-shirt is your soaking towel

You highly appreciate the invention of Air Condition (AC), although it consumes way too much electricity
After nine in the morning your terrace is deserted, unless you want to boil an egg on the hot floor
The water heater is switched off – the water coming out of the tub is already over 45 degrees warm
Your refrigerator is the most important appliance in the house (apart from AC)

Any wind is welcome – even dust storms are better than no wind
You start drinking ORS daily  (oral rehydration salts based on WHO formula)
You learn about mist fans and the small pocket fan becomes your best friend
34 degrees warm water in a swimming pool is not hot, if the air is 46 degrees

Need to dry your hair in 30 seconds: take an open Rikscha to go to work
The only time you can go for a walk in cool 32 degrees is between 1 and 3 am
If you need to walk around during the day, cover your head with a soaking wet towel
You slowly start to understand people who like Switzerland’s long winters

„Is there anything like normal weather in New Delhi?“, I asked a friend after the first heat wave reaching up to 50 degrees was over and a dust storm had destroyed my bathroom window and ventilation. His answer left no room for doubts: „No.“

I just need to take a look out of my AC cooled room to the neighbors house though, where a dozen workers are constructing an additional floor in the burning Delhi summer heat. Everything is relative: I am just another whining white face.

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