Great food on all tables

Singapore is great for roaming around by foot in different areas of the city – be it Little India, Chinatown or Haji Lane. It’s not only an photographers delight, where small town houses meet impressive high risers, in addition it’s about discovering a wonderful variety of food. Start walking and you will eventually stumble upon best options everywhere.

I bumped into „Chilli crab“, the towns signature dish, at Jumbo. You dine outside, in restaurants facing the water canals. After the food, one can buy the excellent chilli crab sauce and reproduce it at home. I had an old style Singapore coffee with lots of milk and sugar – beside the traditional kaya toast for breakfast – at Nanyang Old Coffee. You can also take home the instant coffee in conveniently packed portions – a tasty souvenir.

There is Korean brunch, Thai lunch to discover, as well as excellent Moroccan Tajine and Japanese matcha green tea ice cream for desert – the latter at Tsujiri, which has been making ice cream since 1860.

Wherever you eat in Singapore – it’s going to be excellent food, in high end restaurants as well as in the hawker center or the coffee shop around the corner. Asia’s melting pot Singapore will satisfy every palate.

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